Our philosophy is simple and consists of three parts.

To thine own self be true

Everyone is different.  3 people with diabetes can sit down to the same meal and register 3 different blood sugar readings afterwards.  You need to find what works for you.  And what works will change depending on how much sleep you have had, how stressed you are and how much you are moving your body. 

What has worked in the books or the recovery movies may not be your path back to health.  There are of course some limitations - no one ever recovered normal blood sugars on orange juice and doughnuts, but hey, there are still a lot of different types of good tasting food in the world that will help you get well.

If you enjoy what you are doing then your chances of success skyrocket.

If you are on a joyless diet, it is more likely you will find yourself careening between your undressed salad and chocolate cake.  Whatever you choose to eat, it has to compete at least favourably with the junk that surrounds us all.  If food has been a great comfort and pleasure to you, you can retain that comfort and pleasure to a great extent without sacrificing your health.  It takes work, and care but once you find your favourite way of eating, then you are off and running!

Same with movement, and same with stress relief, the other two corners of our Diabetes Triangle.  A walk in the park that refreshes you is more likely to be useful in the long run then the spin class you dread. 

Use the 5 year rule.

Listen to your body, and find new ways to eat and exercise that you will love and so still be able to do in 5 years time.  Dump the perfectionist way of thinking that says "i HAVE to do it this way", while shoehorning yourself into a program you hate.  There are lots of ways to skin this cat!