Who We Are

Rhaya Jordan


Rhaya Jordan trained as a naturopath in Sydney in the 1980's and has worked in food and health ever since. Her interest in diabetes came about specifically when she was working in a diabetes specialist community pharmacy.  Working alongside the pharmacists and talking to the many many people with diabetes who came to the pharmacy gave her a real insight into what life was like for her clients.  Her interest in food and addiction began then as well, as so many of her clients couldn't understand why even through they knew what to eat, they found it so hard to do!

Rhaya spent 10 years teaching at CNELM the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management who provide B.Sc in Nutrition Science and M. Sc in Personalised Nutrition.

She is currently consultant nutritionist to the Juice Well in Soho, to Abel and Cole and to Daylesford Organics.

Rhaya is also a coach with Reboot ( formed by Joe Cross following the response to his film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead) where she developed and supervises a 60 day program for people with Type 2.

1-2-1 consultations are available with Rhaya by appointment via skype or person in Soho. 

Anna Middleton

Raw Chef & Health Educator

Anna is passionate about both delicious and nutritious food and is particularly interested in the way that different foods affect the way we feel. Studying nutrition sparked her interest in the healing benefits of functional foods.  She inspires those she teaches to implement simple & effective changes with practical tips. Anna creates both cooked & raw food recipes, runs classes and works on several health retreats & Cookery Schools including Amchara Detox Centre, Raw Magic Retreats and The Kitchen at Chewton Glen.

Anna set up and ran a raw chocolate & cake company for 8 years so brings with her years of experience making sweet food suitable for gluten-free, plant based and diabetic diets.  

On our Taster days and residential retreats, Anna combines her raw and cooking skills to both feed and educate our guests. Her recipes explode with flavour and leave our guests feeling nourished. 


Michael Davies

Professional Chef

Mike has worked for over 15 years as Head and Executive Chef in award winning hotels across the UK.

Mike started making changes to his diet 5 years ago primarily ditching both gluten and sugar.  He incorporating more organic, raw food and juices into his lifestyle which transformed his health. Aside from shedding 5 stone in the process, he eliminated migraines, eradicated his hayfever and has more energy than ever.

For 5 years, Mike worked as a health retreat chef and was central in the development and delivery of a residential program for guests with type 2 diabetes. 

He not only manages the kitchen during our residential retreats, Mike also shows our guests how to combine healthy living and gourmet meals giving guest hands-on training in the kitchen.