We are built to move and many of the ways our body detoxes and repairs is linked to movement.  If you have a history of horrible gym or PE trauma, aching joints or back, you may well have exercise-aversion.  Running your sugars high can leave you feeling like a strung out dishcloth too, so all in all, it can be hard to start moving. But move you must and so let's look at some things that might help.

Up and down the stairs is enough to start.  If you are carrying perhaps more "unburnt energy" around your waist or your joints hurt you, finding simple small ways to move more around your home are invaluable.  Don't underestimate how good it is for you to go up and down your stairs once a day for no good reason but the exercise.  Or into your garden.  Or around the block.  Don't be perfectionist, that will only lead to inertia, find something you are willing to do daily and start there. Every time you move a joint you send fresh blood there, and lubricate it and keep it healthy.  So move, even a little.

The kind of day to day moving that really makes a long term difference is called incidental.  Eventually getting fit is brilliant for you blood sugars, but if you're not fit at the moment start here.  You've heard about it for years, it is walking an extra bus stop or taking the stairs.  That kind of thing.  It is much more important than going to the gym once a week (though if you like that - go for it).  Day to day walking though is the core or spine of getting well.

If you are finding that hard, don't underestimate what just lifting your weight on one stair per day will do.  Push yourself just a little.