Name *
Firstly, are you on any medications or do you have any current health challenges that you would like us to know about? For example are you injecting insulin or you suffer from overnight hypoglycemic events? Anything you think we should know about.
What medical conditions, (if any) are you diagnosed with?
If you take BGL readings what are your typical morning readings? How have your blood sugars been over the last week? (Also please bring your kits with you when you join us).
Can you tell us what you ate in the last two days - (no shame no judgement! This lets us know what kind of food you enjoy, what your eating pattern is etc, NOT to be the food police!)
Do you have any physical injury, or sore joints that might affect you walking or participating in a gentle stretching session?
Can you tell us what a typical weekday is like for you? What time do you get up? When and what do you usually eat and when do you go to bed etc. Just to give us an idea of what life is like for you
Do you have any special dietary requirements? Allergies, intolerances or any food you really dislike?
Do you have any specific challenges or goals that you would particularly like us to work with you on?
If there is anything else you would like us to know, please share here.

Thank you