As I write this lots of overfed diabetic rats and mice are being given turmeric in labs, and they are doing very well on it.  Even very serious nerve damage is being ameliorated.  Diabeatit friends will know we don’t talk about miracle foods, nutrition is a marathon not a sprint, but if you put a gun to our heads then this food might be one that we would use the “M word” for!  It seems to be tailored made to help you resolve DMT2 and even prevent getting it in the first place.

There has been evidence that turmeric can:

help nerve damage
improve insulin resistance
reduce size of your liver in fatty liver
reduce pre diabetes blood sugar reading
improve diabetic neuropathy
diabetic impaired kidney function 

It really is astounding how useful this spice is for you.  

Research is ongoing, and you might be warned to wait and see -but turmeric is not a drug, it has a long long history of being used in human food and you don’t have to wait till a pharmaceutical company comes up with a synthetic version to use turmeric to reduce inflammation in your body.


High blood sugars cause lots of inflammation - they light a slow burning fire in your tissues and this inflammation is the main mechanism by which diabetes damages your body.  Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, so go for it!.   This is a safe, even medicinal food you can add to your diet for pennies.  Most of the research was done on simple turmeric powder, so get good fresh turmeric powder, or the fresh root where you can and begin using it everyday.

Turmeric has an earthy, slightly bitter flavour so start with a quater of a teaspoon twice a day.   Turmeric is traditionally taken with black pepper and when the two are found together it has an even more powerful effect.  See below for a recipe for golden milk using turmeric and black pepper together.  

If you don't like the flavour feel free to take turmeric root in capsules.  This is also useful if you have bad reflux and are taking medication for your stomach.  Turmeric in food might aggrevate your acid reflux so go for capsules if this applies to you. 

Try to get supplements that measure Cucumin, the active ingredient in turmeric and that either have some peperine (black pepper) or some other mechanism to help you absorb the turmeric. 


Your three rules of thumb to get the most out of turmeric

take it warm, not cold
take it with a little good fat - in almond milk, with coconut
add black pepper


For all you science heads: Here is a link to a systematic review of turmeric in diabetes.  This summary will give you an over-view of the state of the research. http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2013/636053/

Turmeric milk - the good oils in this will help you absorb the turmeric.  Drink warm, that seems to improve your absorption as well.

Turmeric in juices - blend powder with a little coconut or olive oil. For even better effect add lecithin powder.

Turmeric and coconut paste:  Add to all your cooking or to your juices with a little lecithin powder.

One of our lovely chefs, Anna, also has a blog post about turmeric on her website where you can find a recipe to maketurmeric paste and golden turmeric milk