Join us for our Autumn Retreat 2018

Five days completely sugar free with Rhaya, Mike and Anna

Tuesday 30th October - Sunday 4th November 2018

Join us for a delicious and nurturing retreat in Farringdon, a beautiful village 17 miles southwest of Oxford.  Relax, rest and enjoy daily walks in the countryside.  During this retreat, we will focus on making nurturing choices and preparing for Winter.  Learn how to navigate festive and social events keeping your blood sugars stable and your soul elevated.  We will feed you, share our knowledge and invite you into the kitchen to experience hands on food prep classes. 

We specialise in supporting clients with type 2 Diabetes. Whether you have diabetes, pre-diabetes or just feel your life is run by food and you want it to stop, this retreat will help you improve your blood sugar balance.  We can help you give your body the rest it needs, and your head and heart the break it needs from constant aggressive food advertising.  Leave well nourished, with a new understanding about your personal relationship with sugar.

All three of us are passionate about healthy food and tasty food. If it's good for us, we need to love it otherwise we simply won't maintain new eating habits.  As we will have winter months ahead of us, on this retreat you will enjoy a variety of warming broths, medicinal teas and a mix of both raw and cooked dishes with an emphasis on organic, predominantly plant based, seasonal and sustainable foods.  Whilst we don't advocate any set diet and don't believe there is one diet to suit everyone, we do feel that most people can benefit from a diet higher in vegetables and lower in sugar so the majority of the recipes are plant based.  We will include a wild meat meal, bone broth and local organic eggs and will ask about your dietary requirements and preferences upon booking to work with you to find foods that will help keep your blood sugar stable. 

The retreat includes 3 meals a day, all drinks and snacks, a mix of talks, daily workshops including hands on in the kitchen plus walks and time for relaxation. Have a look at our photostream below with a snapshot of some of the food we serve on retreat (depending on the season).

♥ pumpkin seed bread, red pepper lyonnaise, celeriac soup with truffle oil, raw lasagna with a macadamia` ricotta, nut cheeses with crackers, chutney and olives, BBQ cauliflower steaks, grilled breakfasts with scrambled tofu and/or organic eggs, fermented cashew torte, fermented buffalo milk kefir, rhubarb crumble, grilled fish with sea spaghetti, goji rocket salad, maca hot chocolate, tonic teas and sugar-free chocolate ♥

Sugar has many guises and all too often we see food advertised as sugar free to find out that it is full of dried fruit, maple syrup, coconut sugar or raw honey.  Whilst these are all a much healthier option than the white refined variety, they can still elevate your glucose levels which isn't a problem if eaten in moderation or if you don't have diabetes but once we are pre-diabetic, it takes longer to bring those sugar levels back down. So we'd like to introduce you to a selection of naturally sweet foods with a low glycemic load and show you how to make delicious desserts with them.  

We have decide to keep the retreat size to a small intimate group so that we can offer you our dedicated time to be available and help you get the most out of your retreat. 

The 5 day retreat includes

  • Accommodation in a beautiful area outside of Oxford

  • All your drinks and meals

  • Cookery classes covering cooked and raw dishes, interesting ferments, medicinal mushrooms and low GI desserts so you can make delicious food with much less sugar from the day you return home. These will involve a hands on element so that you experience making some of the recipes over the five days.

  • Advice and information on the latest research about sugar and it’s role in our lives, the brain and dopamine and how to use will power properly to help you reach your health goals and get refined sugar out of your life.

  • Nutritional support from our Naturopath & Herbalist Rhaya

  • Chef tips throughout the weekend from both our chefs Anna & Mike

  • Daily movement sessions

  • Guided meditation and mindfulness practice

  • Talks & discussions throughout the retreat  

Retreat Schedule
(subject to variations)

Tuesday 30th October
arrival between 12-2pm
2pm lunch served
afternoon - welcome & introductions
6pm dinner
after dinner - nourishing herbal drinks / night time meditation

Wednesday 31st October
8am morning movement
9.15am breakfast
morning talk (managing food cravings) 
followed by a food prep class
1pm lunch
afternoon - talk (diabetes triangle) /
session on medicinal teas & mushrooms for health
6pm dinner
after dinner - nourishing herbal drinks / night time meditation

Thursday 1st November
8am morning movement
hands on breakfast making session
focus of day - gut health, mood health
1pm lunch
afternoon - fermentation class  
6pm dinner
after dinner - nourishing herbal drinks / night time meditation

Friday 2nd November
8am morning movement
9.30am breakfast
10am - 1pm - activity TBC
1.30pm lunch
afternoon - politics & food environment
6pm dinner
after dinner - nourishing herbal drinks / night time meditation

Saturday 3rd November
8am morning movement
9.30am breakfast
morning session - food planning & food prep class
1pm lunch
afternoon relaxation techniques / movement class
session - long term planning session
6pm farewell 5 course dinner party
Evening - closing chat & reflections from retreat

Sunday 4th November
Breakfast will be tailored for the last morning and available when you need it.
checkout by 12 noon. 

Full menu will be provided upon arrival on retreat. 

Venue details are provided upon booking.

Residential bookings available
We have 2 x twin rooms in the main house which all share a family bathroom. 
There are also 3 x double en-suite rooms for either 1 or 2 people.

Non residential bookings available.
If you would like to attend and can arrange your own accommodation nearby, we have 2 spaces remaining for non residential guests.  Everything apart from accommodation is included so we invite you to join us for lunch on Tuesday 30th October between 12 - 2pm.  The day will finish after the night time meditation closing by 9pm.  The daily program starts at 8am and runs through until 9pm. 


Twin room (shared bathroom) : £850 per person
Private room (en-suite): £1,250 single occupancy / £1,800 double occupancy
Non residential £600


please do read our terms and conditions below

If you would prefer to pay with a bank transfer, please email us ( and then we can send you an invoice with bank details.
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Upon receipt of payment, we will send you venue details and a questionnaire to complete.

Terms & Conditions

Due to the limited number of bookings for this retreat and the cost of food prep and marketing, we are unfortunately not able to offer refunds.  If for any reason, you can't make the retreat, we are happy for someone else to come in your place - you will need to contact us to change the name of the booking.

Thank you for understanding