5 ways to get your sugars down this week

Want somewhere to start?  

Try these tips:

1.  First thing in the morning water and lemon half litre with protein breakfast

2.  Go to sleep before midnight without fail.  Can you make it earlier?

3.  Find your biggest eating cue and avoid it - is it the television in the evening?  Watching your laptop in bed?  Have a long bath so you cut your tele time in half.  Going to bed earlier is going to help this too!  Is it during cooking?  Make yourself a big smoothie and sip that during dinner to keep away from constantly snacking on higher calories food.

4.  Move your body - get a pedometer and move more.  Don’t go crazy if the idea fills you with dread, just do a pointless trip up your stairs twice a day, or the extra bus stop trick so you walk is longer.  Begin at the beginning and start chipping away.

5.  Change your plates.  Eat off your side plates.  Yes, I know you will feel mad but plate size has gone crazy since the 80’s and it is making you overweight and mucking with your insulin receptors.  Buy old fashioned dinner plates that aren’t a deranged size or eat off your side plates.

6.  Yes you get a bonus extra for reading this far!!!

Don't trigger yourself to eat by leaving things on your kitchen counters to snack on.  Don’t ever have food out where you will walk past it.  Ever.  You will just eat more of it whether you want to or not.  It will be in your mouth before you have had a chance to check it.